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We create unique designs. We love it, and our enthusiasm translates into fresh creations for your projects.

We respect your time, which is why at Brandformers, all the specialists you need to build proper communication, create or strengthen your brand, and ultimately increase the sales of services or products work together. Brandformers is a combination of the experiences of three companies: Dinx Gadgets, Digital, and DNX Design. We inspire and also meet specific expectations.

We create, plan, and act – precisely and effectively.
What We do
Photo - Pabianickie Centrum Medyczne
Pabianickie Centrum Medyczne

The project we were contracted to undertake was to create a 3D map of the Pabianickie Centrum Medyczne. Our task was to develop a three-dimensional visualization of their space, allowing for a detailed illustration of infrastructure elements and landscape.

Photo - Reckitt Benckiser
Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser is an international company specializing in the production and distribution of hygiene and health-related brands such as Durex, Nurofen, Veet, Calgon, and many others. This company certainly pays attention to the quality of its products and cares about its brand image.

Photo - PepsiCo

PepsiCo is an international corporation, one of the world’s largest beverage and snack producers. To ensure customer satisfaction and promote their brand, PepsiCo needs various promotional gadgets, such as backpacks, mugs, pens, socks, bags, and many others.

Photo - Circle K
Circle K

Circle K is an international chain of filling stations operating in many countries, including Poland. It has nearly 4,000 filling stations open worldwide. As a supplier of promotional gadgets for Circle K, our task is to deliver the highest quality products.

Photo - Zoo Safari
Zoo Safari

Thanks to this collaboration, we have 600 new, very unusual friends… because that’s how many animals live in the largest private zoo in Poland. For Zoo Borysew, we provide complex promotional services and are responsible for online ticket sales.

Photo - Niciarniana Park
Niciarniana Park

Niciarniana Park needed a complex promotion of the shopping facility. The gallery had already had its grand opening, but customers were still reluctant to visit the new facility. In the first 3 months of service, we achieved a 40% increase in brand visibility online and 2,500 new recipients.

Photo - Coop

Coop Trading is a company that supplies the largest cooperative retail companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Our tasks include designing packaging for new products and modifying existing packaging to fit the existing product line.

Photo - City of Piątek
City of Piątek

The task entrusted to us was to develop a full visual identification project for the city of Piątek, while preserving the significant fact that Piątek is the geometric center of Poland.

Photo - Z pieca rodem
Z pieca rodem

A reshaped image, a quick response to online comments, building relationships with customers – this is a new narrative of a Łódź-based patisserie and bakery.The same one that once faced hate, but that was a long time ago. Sometimes the best relations start with a crisis – that’s how it was working with this client.

We work as a group
our group
For over 10 years, DNX Design has been created by people absorbed in every detail of their work, the client's vision, and their creativity. They take care of the entire marketing services package, from simple graphic designs to complex packaging lines, 3D visualizations, or website projects. Logo, flyer, large format, your product packaging? Sure! Doubt they will meet your expectations? They will create a 3D visualization for you! They will add product prototypes, interior visualizations, and product visualizations.
Their principle: everything can be built, created from scratch. It's a good team to work with, even when we have a bad day, because for them everything is CONSTRUCTIVE! Nothing is impossible for them. They will create the most sophisticated promotional product from socks with your design to a gadget of an individual shape. It's a strong, female team, with a head full of ideas and an office full of gadgets.
It's action reaction. We see it in how they work and also during integration: playing doble or charades. They are unbeatable. Do you need an advertising campaign on a national television station? One call. Tik tok with 3 million clicks? Doable. They can talk about an ordinary pen as if it was a magic wand, because every ordinary thing has its colorful story for them. Their story? A combination of different personalities, ideas from which the best image campaigns are created.
Hardworking team
our team
Dinx gadgets
Scheduling, punctuality of work is their hallmark. In meals too. We all know not to occupy the kitchen at 1 p.m. - it's their lunchtime. Obviously needed, because they use their energies to process orders: from a comprehensive offer with ideas, quotations and visualisations to production, confectioning and distribution.
DNX design
We're a bit jealous of them. We call them the VIP group. They don't like noise, especially when they are absorbed by the next stages of graphic visions. You can't see them because they hide behind the large monitors of their computers, but after this moment of silence reserved for them, they announce another unique graphic image. It's our favorite moment. We can make noise with delight. It's an experienced team of graphic designers.
What do we say about digital? Brainstorming has a full-time job with them. Energetic, out-of-the-box. Former journalists, university lecturers, social media enthusiasts. If you want to stand out, this is the team for you.
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